The Secret Map extends to Facebook500pxInstagram (@the_secret_map), and Twitter.

Articles on this site are occasionally reworked for magazines and websites.

In Korea i’ve worked with Busan Haps, exploring the heartlands of South Korea, riding around Cambodia and venturing into the Indonesian jungles. My work for Seoul-based Groove magazine recalled a mother-son Korean road trip and pondered on the transience of the cherry blossom via Tyler Durden. I’ve explored one of Seoul’s mountains via online magazine Chincha, and collaborated with Photographers in Korea in their magazine and blog formats.

The Secret Map won two awards in 2014 at the The Korea Observer Kblog Awards, winning in the categories of travel and photography. It was also named as one of the 12 best blogs in South Korea by popular expat blogger Brent Sheffield on his photography and expat culture site Kimchibytes. My photography had me named as one of Korea’s ‘Fantastic Five’ by The Lost Len’s Chris Cusick. Photographic work from Indonesia was displayed and sold at the Hamasat Exhibition, a charity event in Saudi Arabia in 2014. A portrait from Myanmar is set for display for the 2015 event.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.18.52 AM

Photography and stories from The Secret Map have been published in numerous magazines and websites. The image above was taken in Boseong, South Korea and was featured as the Editor’s Choice for their first ever submissions section in May 2014

Initially hesitant to have her portrait taken, this lovely lady in the ill-fated shanty town of Guryong Village in Seoul, South Korea was overjoyed to receive her portrait published in Photographers in Korea magazine.

Renny Linggar was as much the star of an article I wrote about Tangkoko National Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia, as the Black Crested Macaque that inhabited it. I was able to send her a copy that featured her in both the writing and photography in Busan Haps magazine.

In a moment that was maybe even more special for me than it was for her, I tracked down young Doray, a girl who featured in an article I wrote about rural Kampot in southern Cambodia.

Doray is the girl riding a buffalo. Kampot is my favorite place to visit and photograph.

Just before I left South Korea, The Secret Map was surprised and honored to be the only duel winner at the first ever K-Blog Awards held in Seoul. The judging panel was comprised of some of Korea’s longest serving and most popular English language media professionals. A semblance of a speech should probably have been prepared for this moment.

If you’d like to feature my work or collaborate on something new, feel free to send me a message over at the Facebook page. I’m open to any ideas, concepts and platforms.

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