Projecting Growth

“Perception is projection.”

The following series was taken one evening in a small studio apartment on the outskirts of Yokohama, Japan.

The idea and execution was spontaneuous, involving a camera, a projector, a traditional dressing gown (yakata), my then partner and by-proxy model, Erico, the brooding resonations of Massive Attack’s Mezannine, and, almost certainly, some choice sake.

A seemingly obscure Kindle author’s quotes have separated three chapters of a potential story. Perhaps the projector as the only source of light could serve as a metaphor for that which is made explicit, and the unspecified realm illuminated by our more ruminative tendencies.


Enjoy the projections.

It is only when we are truly alone without someone else to lean on,; left with our own inner solitude that we can undergo a real process of change.

The introspection that is needed to bring out the light that has dwindled down to ash and reignite the fire of our being.

So let the darkness shape you, let it reform you, let it cradle you and birth you into a new life; a new way of being.

Let the spark flame again, in the darkness is where you will find it

Like a tornado swirling around you, you are the eye of the storm. A front row seat to the destruction of everything you worked so hard to build. But like all tornadoes, the rain will halt and the winds will calm. The pieces that remain from the cataclysmic destruction of your former self, will soon dissolve and you will find that the only thing that was destroyed was the illusion, the attachment. Allowing for you to rebuild a new, a stronger, a more mature, and spiritually evolved you, that you didn’t even know existed. So have faith, this too shall pass.

Like a butterfly burrowing from its chrysalis, so shall you find your wings, if you only take the time to find yourself.

The header quote was from Mokokoma Mokhonoana and the narrative quotes were taken from L.J Vanier.

More of my images can be seen on Instagram at @the_the_secret_map

Thank you, Erico.

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